Cherry Creek Colorado Bathroom Remodel

Clever Use Of Space, Pleasing Mix Of Materials

Wynn Interiors Cherry Creek Bathroom Remodel - Denver, Colorado

This Cherry Creek Denver home was built in the 70s. The old bathroom had a very narrow and confining feeling. After distinguishing the kind of look the client wanted for the new bathroom, we went to work gutting the space. An angled wall was installed across the back corner of a closet in an adjoining room. This expanded the footprint of the bathroom without interfering with the closet capacity.

A large double shower was built across the back of the space using travertine with a unique glass and stone accent. Its glass shower door shows off the beauty of the textures while in-floor heat keeps the tile floor warm. A custom vanity with lots of drawers gives the owners a place for everything and the granite counter top completed the elegance. The angled wall became the perfect place to hang a piece of art over a curved shelf. What a difference!

Wynn Interiors Cherry Creek Bathroom Remodel

Cherry Creek bathroom before remodel

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