Mountain Estate Home Theater Remodel

Old West Gold Mine Media Room

Full Room View - Screen Down

Full room view with screen down

Tucked into the mountains of Evergreen, Colorado you’ll find this log home with its amazing gold mine theatre. Our client surprised her husband, who has a love of mines, with his own gold mine as a birthday gift. She didn’t think the 14’W x 20’L room was large enough to accommodate the idea but some clever use of materials and a little bit of illusion made it work.

By using the art of trompe l’oeil (which adds depth of perception to visually enlarge what the eye sees), we created the main tunnel of the mine, taking you deep into the mine while the side tunnel exit, takes you outside where two miners are panning for gold.

Gold Mine Home Theater by Wynn Interiors

Close up – trompe l’oeil miners

Gold Vein with Fiber Optic Lighting

Faux gold vein with fiber optic lighting

The gold mine environment is so realistic that when you touch the walls it feels just like you’re underground in a real gold mine. Naturally you can’t have a gold mine without a vein of gold so we added one on the right side wall as you enter and accented it with fiber optic lighting. The support timbers are hand hewn and stained to look aged like they came out of a real mine.

The whole theatre is Crestron driven. One touch on the keypad and the lights dim, the screen comes down from its hiding place behind the overhead beam, and the movie begins. What was once a media room is now a state of the art theatre. Sit back and enjoy the show!

Home theater before remodel

The home theater before its transformation

This is just an example of what can be done to fulfill any fantasy environment you’d like to have in your house. We can create any environment you can dream of.

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