Aurora Colorado Kitchen Remodel

Redesign, Restructure, Remodel

Wynn Interiors Aurora Kitchen Remodel - Dining Area and Kitchen

The neutral palette and vaulted ceiling make the space feel airy and light while the carefully chosen mix of textures adds visual interest.

Wynn Interiors - Aurora Kitchen Remodel - Peninsula

The generously-sized peninsula is topped with granite. The Thermidor cooktop is one of the clients’ favorite features in the new room.

Wynn Interiors - Aurora Kitchen Remodel - Storage and Well-lit Counters

The new design provides ample storage and well-lit counter space.

Wynn Interiors - Aurora Kitchen Remodel - Efficient Workflow

The work area has an efficient layout so kitchen tasks can be done with a minimal amount of walking.

Wynn Interiors - Aurora Kitchen Remodel - Peninsula Dining

The peninsula can be used for casual dining.

Aurora Colorado Kitchen Before Remodel

The clients were glad they decided to make a change.

Chuck and Barb, an active couple from Aurora, Colorado, felt they needed a change in their home but they wanted to remodel, not move. After seeing Wynn Interiors transform their neighbor’s kitchen, they came to a decision: “We want Wynn to design a new kitchen for us, too!”

Their existing kitchen had some serious problems: structural issues, minimal counter space, cramped dimensions, limited storage, dropped ceiling, a 4’x6′ closet/pantry blocking the traffic flow, cluttered kitchen nook, and a dominant stairwell.

First, Wynn arranged solutions to the structural problems which included:

    • Removing the free standing closet/pantry
    • Replacing the dropped ceiling and fluorescent lighting with a vaulted ceiling to spatially open the room.
    • Adding a structural support beam to hold the roof
  • Re-supporting the sagging floor joists

Once the structure was sound, it was time for a brand new interior. Wynn laid out a new kitchen plan that addressed the couple’s need for quality appliances, adequate counter space, and ample storage. Throughout the process, the designer worked together with the homeowners, especially collaborating with them when choosing finishes.

The kitchen and nook were combined to allow for a 12’5″ long peninsula that seats four. On the peninsula is a 36″ cook top with an island hood.

Storage capacity was increased from four to twelve drawers within the base cabinet layout. Filler pieces were eliminated in favor of tray storage, a spice rack, plus a pantry and new double ovens.

All lighting is LED. Ambient light is provided by the lights installed in the recessed ceiling. Under-cabinet lights ensure good, clear task lighting. Peninsula accent and wall wash lighting on the support beam add gentle emphasis to the room’s focal points..

The finishes include a European Beech slab door treatment with a horizontal matched grain, leathered surface granite, wood grain floor tile and Colorado Blue Pine for contrast on the back of the peninsula and side panel of the refrigerator.

When the project was completed, Barb said, “I love it. I never thought I could have such an amazing kitchen! The cook top and ovens are a dream come true.” Wynn knew she had given them a kitchen that would make them happy for years to come.

Wynn Interiors - Aurora Kitchen Remodel - Ready To Enjoy

“Thanks so much for making our dreams come true!  We prepared our first meal using our new Thermador kitchen on Thanksgiving Day.  Without hesitation, these are the best appliances we have ever used.  The meal was a huge success!  Thank you Wynn!”

Barb & Chuck

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