Denver Kitchen Remodel

Generous Storage Space

Wynn Interiors - Denver Kitchen Remodel

Custom cabinetry offers plenty of storage so counter areas can stay uncluttered.

Wesley and Allison of Denver, Colorado wanted to renovate and modernize their kitchen. Wynn Interiors redesigned the space to suit their needs and then handled project management for the remodel.

Wynn Interiors - Denver Kitchen Remodel - Custom glass backsplash

Wynn Waggoner designed the art for the unique glass backsplash, then arranged for it to be fabricated and installed by Evergreen Glass.

Wynn Interiors - Denver Kitchen Remodel - Peninsula

Removing a wall allowed the kitchen peninsula to be extended. The sink area was moved to the back wall and the new refrigerator was repositioned to improve work flow. A stovetop was installed in the peninsula, allowing a host to cook and to stay in touch with guests while entertaining.

Kitchen before remodel by Wynn Interiors

After the renovation, the kitchen had an efficient new layout, great new appliances, and lots of new storage.

Wynn Interiors and Intuitive Design

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