Evergreen Kitchen Remodel

Rich Textures

Wynn Interiors - Evergreen Kitchen Remodel

After its makeover, this kitchen is full of visual interest thanks to a varied palette of natural textures. For instance, the rustic pine floor planks were reclaimed from tobacco drying sheds. The dark marks are the remnants of tobacco tar stains.

Wynn Waggoner designed the aspen leaf art work that is a recurring motif in the kitchen. Here, it appears on custom glass doors that were added to a new Sub-Zero refrigerator, making it one-of-a-kind.

Wynn Interiors - Custom art glass on Sub-Zero refrigerator

Wynn Interiors - Aspen leaf design


The leaves from the aspen tree appear to blow across the glass wall. After Wynn completed the artwork, Evergreen Glass fabricated the glass sheets used throughout the room by etching the images onto the surface with an acid wash.

Black-and-gray marble counters were installed along with beautiful new cabinetry. The cabinets are accented with custom oil-rubbed bronze handles.

Wynn Interiors - Aspen leaf wall

Wynn Interiors - Custom glass doors on cabinetry


Aspen branches and leaves appear once again to grace this truly unique kitchen.

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