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Wynn Interiors - Outdoor Kitchen Design

All the conveniences of an indoor kitchen, right outside the back door.

The client wanted to expand the cooking capabilities of their outdoor deck area and make good use of the existing outdoor space, since the home owner enjoyed spending time using their Weber Grill and Traeger Smoker on the deck off the kitchen. Just beyond the deck was an unfinished area that backed to mountain open space behind the home.

We filled in the decking to the retaining wall and designed a specific outdoor kitchen to include a storage garage for the Weber Grill and a specially insulated cabinet for the Traeger Smoker. The home owners then added a new Lynx Grill and Warming Drawer.

A granite wing was added to each end of the counter space to allow guests a place for their drinks and food while interacting with the cook

Wynn Interiors - Outdoor Kitchen Remodel

Granite wings added to the counter space encourage guests to gather by the cooking area.

Wynn Interiors - Outdoor Kitchen Remodel

The finishes included using Colorado Blue Pine, split face stone and leathered granite to enhance our design for their outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchen before remodel

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